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Injustice done anywhere, anytime, of any kind and whether committed intentionally or unintentionally, whether seen or unseen, will always have repercussions, consequences. We see the ‘results’, ‘consequences’ in the form of various crimes committed. All crimes, whether emotional, physical or financial have their roots in injustice done by someone, somewhere encapsulating some moment of history in some part of geography. The injustices committed in families and society structures and countries spill over into the next generations. Till justice is done. The cycle contiunes. And since we cannot understand the entire process, we just jail the people who look like the perpetrators of heinous crimes who in reality are also victims of the injustices committed long ago.

But facing reality would mean doing a surgery which would be very painful. So take a short cut. Put a band aid on the cancer inside and hope to gather some votes before the cancer is too visible to all. And make convincing false promises. Shout that we will take away the ‘woes’ of the nation’. If it is the truth, why are we shouting from the rooftops bhaiyya? Truth is very soft, very clear, very visible. Aur kaam itna hai desh theek karne ka to ghar ghar jaane ka, pamphlet chhapwane ka time kaise mil raha hai? If we really work, then there is no time to even breathe. Where will we get the time to advertise ourselves? Maybe that is why the real workers, the true leaders stay away from politics. Just like production and marketing are two different realms, real work and collecting votes are entirely diferent scenarios. Politics is about ‘collecting votes’. In the meanest possible way. Distribute alcohol, false hopes, empty promises, manipulate the basest of emotions of the masses, talk of a casteless society all the time fervently hoping that we capture the various caste based vote banks. It would have been hilarious if it was not so pathetic.

We cannot be a rich nation if our thinking is poor. if we contiuously look for excuses to do low quality jobs. If we continue to dis-respect time. Continue to use our right to freedom only for producing kids. Continue to live the fake life that we have been living over the past few decades.

We can be poor but there is absolutely no reason to continue being poor. As a nation we are still slaves looking for our lords to rule over us, looking for security, comfort, some reason to not have to earn what we deserve.

Mr. Faizi who is from Afghanistan and is training with us lost his cousin yesterday. A gun was pointed to his head and he was shot. Just like that. By the Talibans. For no mistake. Earlier all this violence was happening in some part of the world. And we felt safe. Now with Mr. Faizi with us, it is too close, too disturbing. According to him, the cheapest thing in Afghanistan is ‘killing’. And the most lucrative business is ‘dealing in bombs’. Even the children are used to bombs exploding anytime,anywhere. What a world? What the hell are we doing? In fact the poor kids wait for the explosion to subside, in case they survive and pick up parts of the exploded bomb which can be re-sold. And all this has been going on in Afghanistan for more than 30 years. Kya bachega? And yet Mr. Faizi is here to learn, to educate himself. Hope against hopes. Hats off to him. We have everything and yet we just keep cribbing and whining.

The US wants a military base in Afghanistan. The Taliban wants a strict muslim regime to be followed. Everyone wants something for themselves. The people of Afghnaistan could go to hell. And we keep celebrating. Kya humanity hai. We are worse than animals. just very well dressed in branded clothes and SUV’s.

Office chal raha hai. Its easy to follow a routine and hide behind it. dekh lo yaar. Koshish to kar hi rahein hain. But the more we experience life and the more we understand, the more painful it gets. We are just beginning to understand why ‘sanyaas’, is the last defined stage in our scriptures. After experiencing the futility of everything, after seeing all the shit around, we are bound to turn to the spiritual realm for solace.

Sounds very appealing.


‘Away from the chaos’

Schedule, Planning, Numbers, Events, rate of hits, rate of success, money made and lost. All boils down to one word, one event. ‘Survival’. Of the fittest maybe. The rest is a story. To cover the brutality of all that is ‘real’. Just to make it ‘surreal’.

The satellite images have not yet been received. If the deadlines are crossed, we will also be dead. I mean we are not fully alive even now but are breathing.
We are still trying to understand the requirements of the trainee ( who is actually a professional) from Afghanistan. He is here for a month and we are hoping that we can add some value to his learning while he is here.
The software development has stopped. The online shop is still chugging along with the support of Rajesh. Pradip is trying his best to build a good team. It is quite an impossible job. First to have a ‘team’ and then to have a ‘good team’ is like asking for too much.

Need to understand the PAN-OPS criteria. Very tough to understand. Looking for a ‘guru’ again. More than half of our lives are spent in looking for ‘gurus’, ‘teachers’. Wonder when the actual learning will happen. A client from Mumbai is coming down to Delhi to meet the chairman of AAI. We will need to be a part of the discussions (on the strategy to be followed) that follow after the meeting. I mean there cannot be a clear cut strategy but talking somehow creates an illusion of a solution. And it is good to live in illusions. They help us feel safe, even if temporarily. They help us to form a safe cocoon from which we do not really wish to emerge.

If the genie from the magic lamp were to ask, ‘aur kya chahiye’?
What next?

Just some peace and quiet.

‘Just some solitude.’

‘Away from the chaos’

‘The normal normal’

Life has been very difficult in the past few days. It has been diffcult to breathe, let alone live, walk, talk. Write. It is as if we have been constantly under siege.

We have two professionals coming in from Afghanistan for advanced GIS training and we need to arrange for their boarding and lodging as well. This is freaking us out.I mean the bit about ‘boarding and lodging’. We are thinking along the lines of maintaining a small guesthouse on behalf of the company which could host people from outside the NCR region for a few days as and when required. Chandrakant is leaving for Mumbai this week for ground truthing and collection of GCP’s. We would like to wish him best of luck.

It is always diffciult to draw boundaries. To stand up for what we believe in regardless of what the others think. It is always easier to give in. To belong. To go with the crowd. I think this is why our life will always be difficult. On many fronts. For me and for Appu. The cops, the landlords, the un-deserving, the immature , the system will always try and crush our self-respect.
The bankers are also breathing down our backs. The instalment and the interest is being paid every month but now they need more transactions. Maybe we should sell a few grams of cocaine. That is the only way we can make money overnight and give them the transactions or the turnover or the money. Any which way. That is why so many scams happen and then we wonder what the hell is happening and why.

‘Normalcy’. Are you mad? What is normally normal?
Maybe the abnormal is normal. And the sane, more insane.

Still looking for ‘normal’. Keep looking buddy. It does not exist.

‘The normal normal’.


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