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‘To be content’

OK. Hold your breath. This one is unbelievable (but when have believable things happened with us?). The payment gateway of the shop has been successfully integrated and it is working fine!! Just when we had given up hope of it ever working fine. Just when we thought that our e-commerce venture would go down the drain, that it would never work with all the technical glitches and the  fiasco with the last team( I mean so many have happened, right!). So the shop is technically and financially open and we should be in business soon( I mean not even one of our maps has been sold as yet but what the hell).

Thanks to Hariom and Gagan ( who has recently joined and is a fresher). Thank you guys. For winning this one.

Hariom is also very near to testing the logic to be used in the software for the calculations with reference to the surfaces and the instruments for a single airport. Chandrakant is doing some reverse engineering for a site in Mumbai and he will also need to visit it very soon to collect a few coordinates. Amit has joined us in accounts and OmPrakash in administration. Let us see. Fingers crossed as always. The beginning is good. I have already shouted once (or maybe twice) and they have not quit. Hope is a good thing anyway.

It is so difficult for us to just manage the office ,bills,clients,meals. Wonder how HP manages the earth with its rotation and every miniscule life on it. It would be good to exchange notes with HP. I mean free of cost of course. Why would HP charge us? It is only man who cannot think of anything without charging.

A lot of potential team members are reading the blog. Sone pe suhaga. I mean why would they like to join after knowing all the nitty gritties of GC? A million dollar question. Kya hoga tera kaaliya. I hope it cannot get any worse. That the worst is over ( we have said that many times in the past too).

I don’t think I am writing intelligent stuff. I should pack up. One of the tyres in my car is punctured and that will need changing before I can reach home, hopefully before the time freezed by Appu which is 1:30 pm ( in the night of course). The team packed up early today (which means by 9:30pm) and that is amazing. They have only been able to leave by 11:30pm or 12:30pm in the past few  months.

‘Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence,

And I am learning, whatever state I am in,

therein to be content.’ – Helen Keller

Survival of the fittest

Its pre-posterous. The president of A block (DDA SFS Flats), Saket complaining and harassing a resident of the same block. I mean this is the best way he could think of proving that he is more powerful. The issue is not the ‘car’ and definitely not its ‘parking’. The issue is the ‘power scale’ and who is mightier. Meanwhile, I am using my legs ( gadi no. 11 so to say, at least to cover a geographic area within a circle of 1 km. The only problem is returning from the office since it gets very late in the night.

And the corollary of this fiasco is that there should be no ‘tenants’ in Delhi. Only the ‘owners’ should live. So people who do not have houses should migrate elsewhere or they should be killed. Wiped out from the surface of Delhi. Just like Hitler killed the jews. I mean it would lead to a cleaner Delhi, safer Delhi. I guess Delhi is a place where you can live if you have your own house and ‘connections’ ( political, religious or with the underworld).
The president of the RWA has a problem with me so the local police supports him and picks up my car from the place I live, in broad daylight, using a crane. That is like raping in daylight with everyone watching and doing nothing.
So either you earn enough and quickly to buy a house or you have one given by your parents. By hook or by crook, you must have a house. Else, you should be wiped out from the surface of the earth. Quite cool I must say. Very sophisticated. Very intellectual.

So this noise about a good education is all humbug. A good education will get one a good job, maybe some dignity. But it will definitely not buy one a house (unless one take bribes) and will not get one connections of any kind (unless one gets into a scam).

No project so far. OK. No need to panic. Waiting. sometimes waiting is all we can do. To wait for good things to happen is also an art. The new team is becoming familiar with the freedom, the responsibilities and the pressure. The strategy for the online shop is being discussed. Have started the process of explaining the aviation guidelines to be used to the team members. It is quite a tedious task as I have to do it from scratch but what needs to be done, needs to be done. More than the skills, it is the skill of working alone that is hard to teach. Everyone is so used to being guided, of being led. To be a leader is impossible for most. And that is the real challenge.

Appu is in Pilani and I am glad that she is not having to witness the fiasco here. She wanted to take photographs of all the cars parked haywire on the roads, she wanted to fight. But how long can we keep fighting? And with how many people? Where is the energy?

Very disconcerting. And yet we talk of freedom. Of growth. Of equality.
When we are still stuck in the grabbing of just ‘parking space’.
zindagi kahan park hogi, pata nahin, par car ki parking ke liye ladenge.

Come to the point. Its not the car. Its not the parking space. Its proving who is more powerful. Who calls the shots.The RWA, The police, The land owners.
To sach to bol lo. Just say that we are the ‘dadás’ here. Listen to us else, we will harass you’. At least have the balls to say that.

Tell you what. We should stop this drama of running schools. of giving education,degrees,jobs. We should all train ourselves and our kids ( which we should not have if we do not have land) in martial arts, fight for land as in the olden days and let the jungle raj come out on the open. It is jungle raj behind the veneer of democracy. Let it be open. At least we will be prepared to fight a war with no rules, no regulations. A war where money,sex and power are used indiscriminately.

A war where it is the survival of the fittest.

‘Survival of the fittest’.

Fallout of the Yashi fiasco

The car needs to be mortgaged. This is the fallout of the Yashi fiasco. I spoke to Appu last night and she is OK with it. I think everything is OK as long as we are together.

We are not going to be showing any calculations in the presentation for the AAI authorities. Since most of our calculations prove the permissible height to be lower than that required by the client, we are only going to show the jazzy stuff. The good part. The mall in front of the shit behind.

The rest of the story is the same. We are still looking for work. We are still being hounded by the bank and the salaries,rent and other bills are still overdue.

We have a woman peon in the office now and so everybody has built up huge expectations about getting chapatis made in the office. The ‘dal-subzi’ which is ordered from the outside seems OK. But the chapatis are bad and hence this brainchild from Shivaji. A lot of dicussion was done on the possible creation of pollution in the office and the financial aspects (Imagine-just for rotis!). So Shakuntala was guided to buy a ‘chimta’, ‘Belan’ and ‘Atta’. And today will be the first day of ‘rotis’ being made in our office. What a development.

There are tenders and we(I) need to do the paperwork which is huge. I wish the paperwork was less. But then there are so many wishes.
Appu has a session with her psychologist today, Amma is not well and I am at an all time low.

Great combination.

Dealing with the fallout of the Yashi fiasco.


I am learning that ‘beginnings’ are very important, whether of a project or a relationship. It is important to define the money required to mobilize the project, the needs and expectations in a relationship very clearly. And to not compromise on that. To not settle for less. We had asked for 4 lakh from Yashi to kickstart the project and order the images. Sanjay Gupta committed and then when the agreement was finalized, he backtracked and offered 2 lakh. We took it. That was the mistake. The fiasco that happened later was a magnified version of a man who could never keep his words.

We are minus 2.5 lakh in the bank. We also have pending salaries and bills of the last two months to the tune of 3 lakh and the lease of our office is getting over and we need to shift. I guess it cannot get any worse. So the graph should go up now. At least the ‘stink of Yashi’ is out of our office. Though the bad taste, the smell and the disappointment is still there, much like in a failed and toxic relationship.

When Sanjay Gupta refused to take our calls, we desperately tried to contact Director (Planning), Sancheti of JDA but there was no response. He also refused to take our calls. What was the harm in listening to us? So obviously he is part of the invisible team of Yashi. And as spineless a man as Sanjay Gupta. And why JDA has awarded this project to Yashi is anyones’s guess. SG has connections in the higher echeleons of power. But that is all he has. The vision, the maturity, the technology needed to execute such a project is beyond him.


I guess there is a reason why everyone in this country would prefer to be a bureaucrat rather than a technocrat. And why most technocrats prefer to go out of the country and prefer to not deal with government entities.
When you have been dishonest for so long, you cannot see honesty even if it were to stare you in the face.


We will have to figure out a way to not be on the roads and to not shut shop because of the Yashi fiasco. And to look for work in cleaner places with greater transparency and no dysfunction.


GC is special. very special. And I hope that whoever works here will also be special. We will from now one be more stringent in our choice of clients as well as team members. Is is not easy to survive in GC. But no other company could beat what we are able to teach here. And no other company could compare with the work we are able to produce here. And this is the strength with which we would like to move forward.


The dishonest, the chicken hearted, people with less knowledge and more ego (whether a client or a team member) will leave GC on their own. And we cannot be apologetic about it.


GC is a honest, transparent, intelligent company and that is how we wish to remain.


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