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‘To be content’

OK. Hold your breath. This one is unbelievable (but when have believable things happened with us?). The payment gateway of the shop has been successfully integrated and it is working fine!! Just when we had given up hope of it ever working fine. Just when we thought that our e-commerce venture would go down the drain, that it would never work with all the technical glitches and the  fiasco with the last team( I mean so many have happened, right!). So the shop is technically and financially open and we should be in business soon( I mean not even one of our maps has been sold as yet but what the hell).

Thanks to Hariom and Gagan ( who has recently joined and is a fresher). Thank you guys. For winning this one.

Hariom is also very near to testing the logic to be used in the software for the calculations with reference to the surfaces and the instruments for a single airport. Chandrakant is doing some reverse engineering for a site in Mumbai and he will also need to visit it very soon to collect a few coordinates. Amit has joined us in accounts and OmPrakash in administration. Let us see. Fingers crossed as always. The beginning is good. I have already shouted once (or maybe twice) and they have not quit. Hope is a good thing anyway.

It is so difficult for us to just manage the office ,bills,clients,meals. Wonder how HP manages the earth with its rotation and every miniscule life on it. It would be good to exchange notes with HP. I mean free of cost of course. Why would HP charge us? It is only man who cannot think of anything without charging.

A lot of potential team members are reading the blog. Sone pe suhaga. I mean why would they like to join after knowing all the nitty gritties of GC? A million dollar question. Kya hoga tera kaaliya. I hope it cannot get any worse. That the worst is over ( we have said that many times in the past too).

I don’t think I am writing intelligent stuff. I should pack up. One of the tyres in my car is punctured and that will need changing before I can reach home, hopefully before the time freezed by Appu which is 1:30 pm ( in the night of course). The team packed up early today (which means by 9:30pm) and that is amazing. They have only been able to leave by 11:30pm or 12:30pm in the past few  months.

‘Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence,

And I am learning, whatever state I am in,

therein to be content.’ – Helen Keller

space for our graves

Appu is in school. The day has begun and I have no idea what to do and what not to do. There is work and there is chaos. There is money to shift and there is a lot of debt to be cleared. There is loneliness and there is aloneness. There is peace and there is sadness.

Another office, another transit camp. Before the time is up and we have to move on to another office space. I guess just the process is important. Not the outcome. The ‘trying’ is significant. The ‘arriving’ is immaterial.

Dimpi and Himashu are working on the Khasra maps of Nagaur. Hopefully we can finish them before the office is dismantled. Narendra is joining by Saturday and the work for the Airport Authority of India should begin then. I have yet another meeting with the AAI on friday. I am a slow learner! And these guys are complicated. I mean their guidelines are complex. But we are using our trignometry ( at least part of our formal education is being used) and so the schooling is not all useless (the major part is, no doubt about that).

Rest is all calculations (mostly money) , running the house (Amma has gone to her village for casting votes, the one time that they get importance by the village pradhan who actually sent a ‘gadi’ to pick them up, so there was no question of them not going) and the nitty gritties of daily living.

With every house boasting of three to four cars, parking is a major issue and although I try to park my car at the very outskirts of the colony (like an outcast, just so no one would have any issue), I find a lot of love notes posted on the car saying that the next time I parked it (here or there or wherever), I would find the car in a broken condition or the tyre deflated or some such threat. Go ahead guys. As long as me and my daughter are safe, it does not bother me. The seniors of the colony told me, ‘car parking ki jagah kabza karni padegi’. ‘You will have to grab the parking space’. And what about the space for our graves? Would that also need to be grabbed? At Nigambodh ghat or wherever? I mean truly, is ‘grabbing’ all that we have learnt?

OK. One day at a time again. One step at a time. Deep breath.
This too shall pass. eventually.


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